Wednesday, February 16, 2005


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  At 2:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Who is this boy?
  At 12:27 PM Blogger JiNz said:
handsome girl she is..;)
  At 5:39 PM Blogger Jason said:
Hehe,so big difference when small compare to now.Hehe,your post all feelings,feelings and feelings.In chinese lagi.Make me very difficult to give comment.But I do read them,just don't know how to comment. :D

leng luiz,so nice to oogle at.:bpbpb thanks for dropping by my blog!
  At 2:10 AM Blogger Twinsmom said:
1984年, 我还在读初中三 :).
  At 8:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
hmmm really cute baby ... 84... i just born .. >.< but .. the problem is .. why i never look cute ?
  At 1:12 AM Blogger JiNz said:
Oh gosh..something wrong v my chinese star...couldnt make any entry without it..

bad hair day...grrr...

am glad that the "1984" brings back tonnes of memories on fellow bloggers..was 1+ year...cute?i love to come across v this word?! hee cool..i'll take as a compliment..may i? thanks to...
Er..he/she doesnt leave me a link to reach him/her...but thanks anyway~

u guys live up my blog after a long silence here....cheers~
  At 2:03 AM Blogger Jason said:
  At 4:32 PM Anonymous momof2 said:
  At 10:27 PM Anonymous lalat said:
You Are So Great!I really dunno that you are so great in this field, sorry for that!
  At 5:10 AM Blogger mINg said:
I have a shot a the exact place!