Monday, January 24, 2005




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  At 11:44 PM Blogger Twinsmom said:
很少见到二十左右的孩子(哇!好像我很老!)可以用心写心情,而且写得很好,你肯定是个blogger ,再接再厉,;)
噢,还有...哇!你si-beh sui man...*盖着脸痛哭* 哈哈哈...
  At 11:57 AM Blogger Earthtone said:
  At 2:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
The positioning of the lightings and the perfectly configured cameras in studios greatly enhance the quality of the photos. Above all, there's photoshop which is able to turn a duck into a swan.In other words, studio photos are deceiving; they play tricks on our eyes.
However, all these gimmicks does not work on this lady. I have the priviledge to see her everyday and i testify the photo u see here is as good it gets, or even better.Why? A picture could paint a thousand words, one word would be used to describe her beauty, the rest would tell a story of her marvelous,wonderful inner self.
  At 6:59 PM Anonymous sinned said:
Studio photos might be deceiving, but its with the purpose to bring the best out of the photo or even the person in it. I feel it is a great piece of work regardless of how the photo is being processed. I would say, the gorgeous her bring the best out from the photo.