Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Colour of a Child

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Have you ever noticed, to a child, everything is pretty much categorized as either black or white?
There never seems to be a middle,
a grey, area in which to categorize further.

I'm not sure when the grey area develops, nor at what age, only that it does.

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  At 2:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
cool comment, it really get me to stop there to read the whole passage. Jinz, you are good at getting those meaningful passages. Guess that you are a year old wiser and prettier too.

Sometime during the long road of getting older, life expands beyond the black and white. Our tastes change, little mysteries are solved, and we find a lot of our questions answered in the encyclopedia.

As our whole view of the world expands, we shed our childhood innocence. We pretend less and less and we gently enter into the maturity of the grey area.